7 GHz SMA calibration and verification kit with torque wrench

SMA calibration kit


The standard Kirkby Microwave 85033 7 GHz SMA calibration and verification kit is used to calibrate a vector network analyzer to measure standard SMA devices.

This option 001 kit is identical to the standard kit, but also includes a torque wrench.

The complete contents of the option 004 kit are:

  1. Female SMA short
  2. Female SMA open
  3. Female SMA load
  4. Male SMA short
  5. Male SMA open
  6. Male SMA load
  7. Male-Male SMA thru
  8. Female-Female SMA thru
  9. Attenuator for verification purposes
  10. A floppy disk suitable for use with the HP/Agilent 8753ES VNA to load the calibration kit definitions. Files for other VNAs can be supplied - just ask.
  11. USB stick with measured data on the attenuator, and the electrical delay of the adapters. The data on the attenuators is supplies as both easy to see PDF files, as well as .s2p Touchstone files. The electrical one-way electrical delay of the adapters is written as text. The USB stick also includes a number of application notes and manuals specific to vector network analyzers.

Purchasing the 85033 SMA option 004 calibratation and verification kit

This is not currently available for purchase by PayPal from our site, although we will add this soon.

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