SMA calibration and verification kit (model 85033 option 008, 8 GHz)

SMA calibration kit


The Kirkby Microwave 8 GHz 85033 (option 008) SMA calibration and verification kit is an enhanced verion of the standard 7 GHz we sell. The 85033 option 008 kit can be used to calibrate virtually any network analyzer to enable SMA, 3.5 mm or 2.92 mm devices to be measured, irrespective of the test ports on the VNA (N, 3.5 mm, APC7, 2.4 mm etc). The connectors on the calibration kit should match the device under test (DUT) and not necessarily the connectors on the VNA. The frequency range of the calibration kit is from DC to 8 GHz, although higher frequency versions can be built to order. The kit is both a calibration and verification kit, since it supplied with an attenuator which has been measured on an HP 8720D (20 GHz) VNA using a Agilent 85052B 26.5 GHz 3.5 mm calibration kit. Therefore after setting up the calibration kit, calibrating the VNA, the user can check the VNA is performing properly by measuring the attenuator which is supplied, and comparing that to the measured results, which are on a USB stick supplied with the kit.


The specifications of the 85033 option 008 kit are as follows.

Purchasing the 85033 SMA calibratation and verification kit

The 8 GHz SMA kit may be purchased in several ways. The prices vary somewhat, depending on where bought, the method of payment due to the commision charged by various bodies (banks, Paypal, eBay etc). If people want a proforma invoice or formal quote, let us know and we will produce one.


Please contact us if you wish to purchase on eBay, and we will add an auction to eBay, but the price will be 13% higher than on our website

PayPal, but not via eBay

You will still get the full Buyer Protection of Paypal, but a lower price than on eBay, as we avoid eBay fees. PayPal payments are sent to

Delivery destination
Case colour
VNA make/model (optional)

By wire transfer in GBP

Payment by wire transfer is the cheapest. Please ensure you email us at stating you have made payment. If you have given you a formal quotation, then please put the quotation number on the payment. The costs are:

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