How to purchase a Kirkby Microwave Calibration kit.

There are 5 ways you may purchase a calibration kit from us. The most popular kits can be purchased from eBay, Amazon or our web site, but for more specialised kits you will need to contact us first. The costs to us depend on how you pay, so the prices we charge reflect this. The 5 methods are:

  1. Purchase order from universities. UK universities will be given 30 days credit on receipt of an official purchase order. Non UK universites will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. eBay. This is quite expensive for us, so the costs are higher than most other methods.
  3. Amazon (UK). This is only an option for UK residents. The costs to us are similar to eBay.
  4. PayPal from our website. You can purchase directly from our website at significant savings over Amazon or eBay.
  5. Bank transfer. This will be the cheapest option, although we ask that overseas buyers pay their own bank fees. Please request a quotation, or if you require a proform invoice, we will send that.

We will now describe these in more details.

Universities paying with a purchase order

Kirkby Microwave will give 30 days credit to all UK universities. Non-UK universites on a case-by-case basis. We can provide a quotation and on receipt of an offical purchase order, we will send the goods. Please e-email us at for a quotation, which will have our bank details, although we have listed them below.

Paying via eBay

eBay charge quite significant fees, so obviously we have to charge more than other methods for purchases via eBay. We have a number of auctions on eBay. These go under different titles, in order to attract users of different manufacturers of VNA, but they are all the same kit, although only the auction for the HP/Agilent kit gives you the option of chosing a floppy disk for HP/Agilent VNAs. Please select one of these auctions, although unless you have an HP/Agilent/Keysight VNA, it really does not matter which one, as they are all the same kit.

7 GHz SMA calibration and verification kits

6 or 18 GHz type N calibration and verification kits

The opens and shorts in these kits are suitable for use to 18 GHz, but we can only supply these kits without loads, or with loads suitable for use to 6 GHz.

Purchasing on Amazon

Those in the UK may purchase on Amazon(UK). Unfortunately we can't do this for buyers outside the UK.

Purchasing with PayPal

Purchasing directly via PayPal is often the best way. The buyer gets the full PayPal buyer protection, and as a seller our fees are not too high. You can purchase the following kits via PayPal directly.

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