X-band waveguide calibration kit for WR90 / WG16 / R100 (model X-WR90-3)

Low cost X-band waveguide calibration kit


The Kirkby Microwave X-WR90-3 is a low-cost VNA calibration kit for wavegude WR90, also known as WG16 and R100. The kit includes the bare minimum of components necessary for waveguide calibration, which keeps costs down as much as possible. The kit includes a precision short, a quarter wave shim, and an excellent condition, but used HP load. The kit is supplied in a high quality Peli case, with a custom foam insert.

Purchasing the Kirkby Microwave X-WR90-3 waveguide calibration kit

This kit is built to order. Please contact us to ask about availability and cost.

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