Use of the Kirkby Microwave calibration kits on the Agilent/Keysight 8510A, 8510B and 8510C VNAs

HP 8510C vector network analyzer

The Kirkby Microwave VNA calibration kits work well with the 8510 series of VNA. The method of setting up the coefficients differs between the models.

Models without floppy disk drives (8510A and 8510B)

If you have an 8510A or 8510B instrument, which will not have a floppy disk, then the easiest way to install the coefficients is to have a PC with an HP/Agilent or National Instruments GPIB card, install the VNA Cal Kit Manager 2.1. Then load the file

8510C with a floppy disk drive

If you have an 8510C with a floppy disk, then you can use the method above using the VNA Cal Kit Manager 2.1 software. But there is an easier way if you own an 8510C.

It is easiest to use a floppy disk. You can either order the disk with the calibration kit, or if you have lost the disk, just download the file:

and write the contents to a floppy disk. The name of the file must start with CK_, so take care if reaming the file. There are a number of USB based floppy disk drives available, so you don't need a PC with a floppy disk drive.

Once you have the CK_xxxx file on a floppy disk, just upload the coefficients to the 8510C VNA using the method described in the 8510C manual.

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