Use of the Kirkby Microwave calibration kits on the Agilent/Keysight PNA series of VNAs

Aglent N9938A PNA network analyzer The Kirkby Microwave Calibration kits are well suited for use with the Agilent or Keysight PNA series of vector network analysers. Setting up the calibration kit is really simple, as one just needs to load a single .ckt file (older PNAs) or .xkt file(newer PNAs).

Calibration kit files for Agilent/Keysight PNA series VNAs
Connector Model .ckt for older PNAs .xkt for newer PNAs Notes
SMA 85033 (standard 7 GHz) SMA.ckt SMA.xkt
SMA 85033 (>7 GHz non standard) Specific to S/N Specific to S/N Custom kit.
N 85054 (18 GHz) KM85054.ckt KM85054.xkt See note #2 below.
WR90 waveguide X-WR90-3 X-WR90.ckt X-WR90-xkt See note #3 below


  1. Some special versions of the 85033 kit have been supplied for use to 11 GHz. These have individually measured coefficients. Data on the standards, and calibration kit files will be supplied with the kit. They are not available for download here, as each kit has different data.
  2. Early versions of the 85054 18 GHz N kit used a different male short, so a different file is needed. Please contact us for advice on this.
  3. The data files for the X-WR90-3 are generic, and whilst they will work with any kit, slightly higher accuracy is obtainable if the thickness of the shim is measured with a very accurate micrometer, and so the delay calculated.
  4. Whilst the opens and shorts in the 85054 kit are suitable for use to 18 GHz, note all of these kits have been supplied with loads suitable for use to 18 GHz. Most kits are supplied with loads suitable for 6 GHz.

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