Support for the 85054 VNA calibration and verification kit

LA Techniques with Kirkby Microwave calibration kit.

It is absolutely essential that a VNA has the correct calibration constants for a calibration kit. Just taking random opens and shorts, and picking the N calibration kit from your VNA will result in incorrect measurements. They might look fine, and show a nice flat S12 and S21 of close to 0 dB, and an S11 and S22 of -60 dB or more, but the results of any measurements will be incorrect.

The LA Techniques VNAs only have their own calibration kit data supplied with their software, so the correct constants for the Kirkby Microwave 85054 calibration kit, must be entered as a user-defined calibration kit. We provide files which can be loaded using the LA software, but list the data below. LA Techniques, like HP, Agilent and Keysight, represent the fringing capacitance of an open as a 3rd order polynomial:

Cfringing=C0x10-15 + C1x10-27f + C2x10-36f2+C3x10-45f3

where the capacitance is in Farads and the frequency in Hz. However, unlike HP, Agilent and Keysight, LA Techniques consider the offset as being a length in mm, and not a delay in ps. So the correct data required are: Male short

Male open

The 50 Ω Female to female thru has a delay of 81.2 ps

After making a 2-port calibration using a SOLT technique, if the DUT is non-insertable (i.e. it has two male ports or two female ports), then it necessary to add an adapter. The kit is supplied with two barrels which allow you do make measurements on non-interstable devices. In order to get accurate phase results, you must compenstate for the delay caused by the barrel.
Female to female barrel type-N thru

The 50 Ω Male to male thru has a delay of 130.0 ps

Male to male type N thru

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