Downloads for the Kirkby Microwave 85033 SMA calibration and verification kit on Anritsu VNAs

General information about the 85033 SMA calibration and verification kit

For general information about the kit, not specific to Anritsu, see the 85033 support page. For our type-N calibration kit, coefficients are available, but they are not on our webssite, due to the wide range of VNAs. We will generate these for customers on an individual basis.

Supported Anritsu instruments

The 85033 calibration and verification kit can be used on all Anritsu VNAs. At the bottom of this page you will find the required information to set up the 85033 SMA kit with any Anritsu VNA. However, for the following series Anritsu VNAs

you don't need to worry about this data, as we have created files that can be read by a VectorStar, Lightening or Shockline VNA, which saves you manually entereing the coefficients. Manual entry will be required for other Anritsu VNAs, but we can help with this.

File for Anritsu Lightning VNAs with the SMA calibration kit.

The Lightninng series needs 4 sepparate files for a complete calibration kit. These are for the male short, male open, female short and female open. We provide this files in a zipfile, which needs to be extracted onto a USB stick. The zip file for the 85033 SMA kit is below.

File for Anritsu Vectorstar and ShockLine VNAs with the 85033 SMA calibration kit.


Coefficients for the 85033 kit in the format used by Anritsu

The following should be sufficient to set up any Anritsu VNA. Should you require any further information, then contact us.

Standard label: 85033. Serial number xxx
Type C0 C1 C2 C3 Offset length (mm)
Female short         12.41
Female open 53.004 135.167 95.6305 30.937 11.93
Male short         17.34
Male open 50.389 761.36 -968.22 68.376 16.52

Over the operating frequency range of this kit, the inductance of the short is negligable, so one should set L0=L1=L2=0

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