Downloads for Copper Mountain vector network analyzers

85054 kit Copper Mountain VNA

Kirkby Microwave have a number of customers using the 85054 kit with Copper Mountain VNAs. The files that need to be downloaded depend on the particular series of Copper Mountain VNA you have. The R and TR series of instruments need two files - one to contain the male calibration standards, and another to contain the female calibration calibration standards. The S2 and S4 series need only one file, which contains defintions for both male and female calibration standards.

type-N calibration kit files for Copper Mountain R and TR family instruments.

Two calibration kit files for these VNAs as one file contains data on the male standards, and the other on the female standards.

type-N calibration kit files for Copper Mountain S2 and S4 family.


Calibration kit definitions.

Copper Mountain use all the same defintitions as Agilent/Keysight do on their PNA and FieldFox analyzers. So the definitions are:

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