Downloads for the Kirkby Microwave 85054 type-N calibration kit for HP/Agilent 8753 series instruments

8753ES VNA

Models without floppy disk drives (8753A, 8753B and 8753C)

If you have an early 8753 instrument without a floppy disk, then the easiest way to install the coefficients is to have a PC with an HP/Agilent or National Instruments GPIB card, install the VNA Cal Kit Manager 2.1. Then load the file 85054.ckm in the software and copy to the 8753 over the GPIB bus.

Models with floppy disk drives (8753D, 8753E, 8753ES and 8753ET)

If you have an 8753 with a floppy disk, then you can use the method above using the VNA Cal Kit Manager 2.1 software, but there is an easier way.

It is easiest to use a floppy disk. You can either order the disk with the 85054 kit, or if you have lost the disk, just download the file and write the contents to a floppy disk. There are a number of USB based floppy disk drives available, so you don't need a PC with a floppy disk drive.

Once you have the files on a floppy disk, just upload the coefficients to the VNA using the method described in detail on our website.

The coefficients

Here are the coefficients for the 85054 kit in the format used by HP/Agilent on the 8753 series

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