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Reviews of Kirkby Microwave calibration kits

Kirkby Microwave is run by Dr. David Kirkby, who is scientist/engineer, not a marketing person. The company have not actively solicited reviews, and we take no part is sites like Trustpilot, where reviews are often fake.

However, a couple of people have published reviews of our products, and in one case someone who extensively tested our SMA calibration kit has agreed others may contact him.

The most extensive review is by Dr. Robert Watson, from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, at Bath University. Dr. Watson originally purchased one calibration kits for teaching purposes at Bath University, then a year or so later purchased a second kit. Later, since Robert was collaborating with another UK university, that university purchased a kit on Robert's recommendation. Robert has some seriously expensive VNAs, costing up to £250,000 (around $330,000) along with a extensive range of calibration and verification kits. Robert spent some time performing extensive tests on our calibration kits.

You can see Robert's review on the Amazon (UK) website. It does not have his name, but says "An academic from Bath". However, Robert has agreed that if anyone wishes to contact him about the kit, he will tell them. You can get his details (e-mail, phone etc), from his homepage on the University of Bath website. Nobody from Kirkby Microwave has ever met Robert, nor studied at Bath University.

There's a second review on the Amazon website of the same product from a user theamberco, but that review mentions the extensive technical support, there's no mention of actual comparison with other kits.

There's also a number of comments on eBay in our feedback, from people who have compared our calibration kits to those from Anritsu, Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz. But eBay comments are limited to around 80 characters, so naturally have little information. The only extensive review is by Dr. Robert Watson at Bath University.

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