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A vector network analyzer calibration kit A vector network analyzer (VNA)

Kirkby Microwave has developed a range of both coaxial and waveguide products that allow one to make accurate measurements of S-parameters (scattering parameters) with vector network analyzers, without the expense of purchasing calibration and verification kits from companies such as Anritsu, HP/Agilent/Keysight, Maury Microwave, Rosenberger etc and without the risk of buying used calibration kits from eBay or test equipment dealers, which are often incomplete or damaged. Our kits are very low cost considering the technical design and the technical support you will receive. A number of lower cost kits can be found from eBay, and other commercial companies, but we are not aware of any as well designed as ours, or sold with as much support for ours on a wide range of vector network analyzers.

All coaxial kits include both male and female components, so they are not simple male calibration kits or female calibration kits, but include both genders. (Waveguide calibration kits are always genderless.)

Accuracy of the calibration kits.

Our calibration kits will not have such high accuracy as a kit from one of the big expensive manufacturers, but our calibration kits will be sufficiently accurate for all but the most demanding professional use, as well as all amateur use. The kits are considerably more accurate that many so-called economy calibration kits, which consist of nothing more than random opens, shorts and loads. Without accurate data on the standards, these are useless. There is a lot more to designing a calibration kit than assembling an open, short and load.


At the moment, several kits have been developed:

We can also develop custom calibration kits, to meet specific requirements.

The coaxial SMA calibration kits and N calibration kits include:

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