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Technical support on VNAs and VNA calibration kits.

IMPORTANT - How this technical support page is structured.

This techincal support page has 7 main parts. Whilst we encourage you to read all of this, if you are impatient, and have just bought one of our calibration kits, please read sections 3 and 4.

  1. A short guide about vector network analyzers - you can skip this if you know about VNAs.
  2. Pre sales support - read this if you are thinking of buying one of our kits.
  3. Support information about specific calibration kits sold by Kirkby Microwave.
  4. Support information about vector network analyzers from various manufacturers.
  5. Links
  6. FAQ
  7. A technical comparison of the various HP/Agilent 8753 series instruments.

If you have purchased a kit, please ensure you read about the particular kit, and also read the information about the particular make of VNA you have. For example, if you have purchased an 85033 SMA calibration kit, to use with an Agilent FieldFox, you should read both the page about the SMA calibration, and the page about the Agilent FieldFox. Then you will have all the information necessary to use the SMA kit, on a FieldFox. It is important to read both the relevant part of section 3, and the relevant part of section 4

1. Are you new to vector network analyzers, and need help?

If you know little about vector network analyzers, but know you need to use one, or need to buy one, our guide to vector network analyzers may help you.

2. Pre sales support

Before buying a vector network analyzer calibration kit, it is obviously important you buy the correct type. A number of people make the mistake of believe that since their VNA has N connector, they must have an N calibration kit. In some cases this may be true, but it is often not the case. Please read our guide to selecting the correct calibration kit. If you are still unsure, then please contact us by telephone or e-mail to discuss this.

Also, contact us if you are unsure what adapters or cables you need. Although we do not sell adapters or cables, the correct adapters or cables must be used with the VNA calibration kit, so we can offer advice if needed.

3. Support for Kirkby Microwave vector network analyzer calibration kits.

4. Support for vector network analyzer made by various manufacturers

The following is some information about specific vector network should be configured to work with a user defined calibration kit. For other instruments, please contact us.

5. A collection of links related to vector network analyzers.

We have a fairly large collection of links related to vector network analyzers. Most are application notes from various manufacuturers (mostly Agilent, and Keysight), but also some from Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz. There are also Ph.D these, references to books, scientific papers etc. Please see our links.

6. A list of frequently asked questions.

Please see our FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions. Of course, like any FAQ, some of the questions have never been asked, but we think they should be!

7. Lots of useful information on the HP/Agilent 8753 series of vector network analyzers.

A collection of useful information about the HP/Agilent 8753 series, comparing different models, how to get FREE software upgrades etc. It is nothing about setting calibration kits up on the 8753 - for that see here. The page is provided as a service, and is hopefully of use to someone, irrespective of whether they have a Kirkby Microwave calibration kit or not.

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