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X-band waveguide calibration kit for WR90 / WG16 / R100

WR90 waveguide quarter wave short and spacer lambda/4 WR90 WG16 waveguide calibration kit


The Kirkby Microwave X-WR90-3f is a low-cost VNA calibration kit for waveguide WR90, also known as WG16 and R100. It is designed to operate from 8.2 to 12.4 GHz, which is a frequency range often called X-band. The kit includes a precision short, a precision λ/4 spacer (shim), a load with a very low VSWR. Data on the shim (thickness and delay) are given on the USB stick. The kit is supplied in a high-quality Peli case, with a custom foam insert. The exact configuration will depend on customer requirements. The photograph shows one configuration, but others can be supplied.

Purchasing the Kirkby Microwave X-WR90-3f WR90 waveguide calibration kit

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