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Do your calibration kits come with a certificate of calibration.

Yes. All Kirkby Microwave VNA calibration and verifications kits include a calibration certificate, which includes:

In addition, there's a sticker on the front which includes some, but not all the information from the calibration certificate. The sticker has

Here's a sample calibration certificate.

Getting a Kirkby Microwave VNA calibration kit recalibrated.

The cost of getting a Kirkby Microwave vector network analyzer kit recalibrated is £100 plus carriage. Please contact us prior to sending a kit for calibration. There are some issues with customs duties for kits sent from outside the European Union, so please contact us by email or telephone to discuss this.

When a kit is sent for calibration you will receive

  1. A quick email acknowledging receipt of the calibration kit, as soon as it is received, and before any tests are performed.
  2. After a the kit is tested, you will receive a brief email stating whether the kit has passed calibration, or whether any of the components are out of specification and so need replacing. If replacement parts are needed, the cost will be quoted.
  3. The S-parameters of each calibration standard, as well as revised coefficients for the standards.
  4. A new calibration certificate.
  5. A new calibration sticker, showing the date calibrated, when the next calibration is due, and the serial number of the kit.
  6. A tracking number sent as soon as the courier is booked to collect the kit.

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