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Dielectric Measurements with vector network analyzers, LCR meters and impedance analyzers

The relative permittivity of a material, given the symbol εr has both a real part, normally donated by εr' and an imaginary part, due to the loss, usually donated by εr"

εrr' -j εr"

In this directory you will find some papers related to measurements of dielectrics. Currently they are not in any particular order, but hopefully you can make some sense from their titles.

Please, never ever use the term "dielectric constant". This is because the relative permittivity of a material depends upon at least the following

π is a mathematical constant equal to approximately 3.14159265. The letter c is used to denote a physical constant for the velocity of light in a vacuum, which is exactly 299 792 458 m s-1. However, the relative permittivity is not a constant at all, so to call it "dielectric constant" is absurd, despite it is frequently called that.

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